Pyramid Contracting + Williamsburg County Development

Our latest project at the Williamsburg Cooperative Commerce Centre-South is making remarkable progress. The 52,000-square-foot spec building is rapidly taking shape. We are partnering with Williamsburg County Economic Development Board to entice new businesses to the area, taking a significant step towards our commitment to promote economic growth in Kingstree, SC. 📈

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Spec building to entice industry to Williamsburg County

By Nichole Livengood

Early beginning stages of the newest spec buidling at the Williamsburg Cooperative Commerce Center, sits directly beside Citadel Brands, one of the newest industries in Williamsburg County, whose current building was also a spec building.  Photo by Tami Rodgers

Industrial growth is a big part of the economic development of Williamsburg County. One of the ways of accomplishing this growth is to build spec buildings. Spec buildings are usually nothing more than walls and a roof, built that way to entice new industry to purchase the property and customize it for their specific needs.

The economic development team is overseeing one such project at 945 N. Williamsburg County Hwy. in Kingstree at Williamsburg Cooperative Commerce Centre-South. Gilleon Frieson, the executive director of Williamsburg Economic Development Board says the new building is part of product development, which means industrial buildings, industrial sites and industrial parks made available to entice new businesses to the area.

The 52,000 square foot spec building currently under construction by Pyramid Contracting, LLC from Irmo, is expected to be complete by October 31, barring weather delays.

“I am very impressed with the performance and professionalism of the Pyramid Team and their subcontractors. I also want to thank our funding partners for helping to make this project possible: Williamsburg County Development Corporation, South Carolina Department of Commerce, North Eastern Strategic Alliance, Santee Electric Cooperative, and Dominion Energy.”

Gilleon Frieson, Executive Director of Williamsburg Economic Development Board

Once the building is completed, it will be put on the market for sale, and will also have a lease option.

“My team and I will work diligently to find a tenant for this new building, adding a new industry to our business community and providing new job opportunities for our citizens and neighboring communities,” he says. They are already fielding inquiries about the building.